Calcium Leucovorin 3mg, 15mg & 50mg

Calcium Leucovorin (Calcium Folinate) 3mg, 15mg & 50mg

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Product Description

Calcium Leucovorin from Wyeth [ Calcium Folinate ]
Strength Volume Presentation
Calcium Leucovorin 3mg/ml 1 Calcium Leucovorin INJ
Calcium Leucovorin 15mg/ml 2ml*10 Calcium Leucovorin INJ
Calcium Leucovorin 50mg/ml 5ml*5 Calcium Leucovorin INJ


Calcium Leucovorin from Wyeth contains Calcium FolinateBelow are some of the details of Calcium Folinate (generic)

Folinic acid, generally administered as calcium folinate (or leucovorin calcium), is an adjuvant used in cancer chemotherapy involving the drug methotrexate. It is also used in synergistic combination with the chemotherapy agent  Folinic acid should be distinguished from folic acid .

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